Is your real name Yoko?
For the thousandth time, yes. My mother is a joker.

How old are you?
23 this year; slowly and surely turning into a prune

Are you working/schooling?
I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in Visual Communications. Am currently freelancing in web and graphic design (Hirecalling) and running my webstore (Nakedglory)

What camera are you using?
Nikon D5100 with Tamron F2.8 17-50mm lens.

How did you lose so much weight?
No carb diet for 2 weeks then low carb diet all the way.

What's a no-carb / low-carb diet?
No carb = not consuming any form of carbohydrates in your diet (rice/bread/noodles/potatoes)
low carb = Minimal consumption of carbs

Can you detail your food intake?
Basically meat, vegetables and minimal snacking. Oh and some sweet stuff (pastries and chocolates) but you can't have too much of that either. I eat 3 times a day but maybe abit of carbs in only one of the meals. A good example of what I try to eat is :


Boiled carrots and boiled broccoli and a large amount of meat (in this case it's about 5 sticks of Tori Q).

So basically as much meat and vegetables as you can to fill yourself in place of the carbs.

When I first stated the diet, I ate no carbs at all for 3 weeks (mon-fri), then ate freely on weekends. No carbs means NO carbs, so you have to be strict with yourself. 1st week is the worst, you'll get cranky and crave carbs like nobody's business.

I ate a lot of meat (steak/chicken/grilled anything/sashimi etc) and vegetables (mostly grilled or boiled vegetables, like brocoli or carrots). I didn't really care if the foods I ate were fried or not (ate KFC / Mos chicken like mad, although I tried not to eat the breading la (cause that's usually bread crumbs so that's against the low/no carb rule). In general, I just tried not to eat foods that were too oily, also I don't eat sweets much. Sweets as in chocolates and random unhealthy snacks like potato chips etc! You don't crave sweets once you stop eating them. I mean if you randomly see an awesome looking cake then bo pian la, but in general, avoid cakes, pastries, breads and chocolates most of all. A doctor told me sweets are the most fattening.

Do you exercise?

Er in terms of exercise I did nothing, but now that I'm maintaing my weight I'm still low-carbing but I combine that with exercise (10 minutes of skipping OR 20-30 laps in swimming) on days I don't feel lazy and ab exercises on a daily basis (but I'm a lazy bitch lol so i've stopped quite abit recently). Here are the two youtube videos that I utilize the most :

Why are you so mean?
BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY LOL ! Kidding. Kinda. I'm only mean when people annoy and/or aggravate me with their rudeness/tactlessness/stupidity. I'm nice most of the time! Kinda.

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